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When you think about design, you should think out of the box. What will you do to stand out, be different, make a statement? There’s no sense in being a cookie cutter, one of another million that do the exact same thing you do. What will you do? How are you going to separate yourself from the pack? And who’s going to help you do so? Your answer is simple. Creative Alliance Design.

When you choose to use Creative Alliance to help you with your graphic design, image, logo, branding, creative marketing or online presence, expect something different! Always.

Whether your wish list includes a website, logo, brochure, invitation or complete overhaul of your marketing materials, Creative Alliance will help you with all your design needs. Our marketing services not only include the standard items you would expect a graphic designer to do, like logos, direct mail pieces, brochures, annual reports, and the like, but also include website design, SEO consulting, blogging and all things social media!

Having taken numerous courses on social media management, we know how to create and maintain social media profiles, as well as promote your business effectively on social. Need help with a social media strategy? You’ve come to the right place. Creative Alliance has helped numerous businesses develop an online presence, create awareness about their brand, bring additional traffic to their website and increase sales. You can also schedule a one-on-one session with Creative Alliance or a complete training class for small to large groups on a social media topic of your choosing.

Creative Alliance truly is your one-stop-shop for your creative marketing needs.

From concept to print, from idea to design, from words to webpage, Creative Alliance will create a professional and unique design for you. With experience that goes well beyond just placing images on a page, we are the one place you need to go to for allyour advertising and marketing needs. We can do anything from creating or revamping your entire corporate image to helping you figure out how your brand fits into the wide world of social media.

No matter what the job, you’ll get our utmost attention and creative, unique designs and ideas that are made just for you.

Visit our website for more information and portfolios of our work, as well as a client list.

Contact us to discuss your needs and get a free quote. We can be reached by phone at 847-533-8403 or by email at

Creative Alliance ~ Expect something different


Julie Smith

Creative Alliance Design

Graphic Design, Website Design and Social Media Management

Lake Zurich, Illinois


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